Skybolt is a web-based program for talent agents to submit packages of the talent they represent to their clients, and presents them as though they came directly from the agency. Skybolt uses email to deliver a coded hyperlink to the client. This link, when clicked on will automatically open up a custom web page containing images, resumes, voice clips, and video clips for talent the agent selected. It does not require attachments or downloads. Skybolt is one of the most useful tools an agent can have. Within minutes of getting a casting notice or request from a client the agent can deliver current and up to date photos and resume information to them. The old way was to call a delivery person, Fed Ex, or even by way of regular mail. The soonest any normal package could get to its destination would be hours and sometimes days.

Skybolt provides a place for the talent to update their sizes on line and prepare a professional looking resume with their agent's unique look. Certain personal information collected is for the agents use only and is not displayed to their clients. When you provided your agent with your composite card, headshots and resume you were giving them tools to use to help them get you jobs. In this day of instant access sending photos out by messenger service or mail is not good business practice. The agent needs to be able to instantly provide for the needs of their clients request. And do it without sending attachments or downloads. By participating in Skybolt you are giving your agent the tools necessary for them to get your photos and resume to ad agencies, casting directors, and photographers as quickly as possible.

Skybolt is secure and does not permit anyone to browse the talent database. If a client wants to see photos of talent they must first call the agent. It is the agent client relationship that Skybolt is trying to enhance. This is also why Skybolt is not a casting service. If Skybolt were a casting service it would be competing with the agents to get the ad agencies, casting directors and photographers to call them and not the agents. This would interfere with the agent client relationship. All packages submitted through the Skybolt program are presented with the unique look and feel of the agency that sent them. Skybolt works quietly in the background.

Agents are given full authority and access to add, update, and change photos as often as they like. At the agents request Skybolt will scan and update any members image at no extra cost as many times as needed.

By being the most valuable tool for your agent Skybolt is the best thing you could provide for them to help enhance your career. Skybolt is quickly becoming a necessity.

If you are represented talent and wish to join Skybolt you may use our online application by clicking Here.

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    Craig Schulze

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