Q.Why should I join Skybolt?
A. Most importantly because your agent has asked you to join. Unlike many other similar services, Skybolt is a tool that is currently being used by your agent. Skybolt gives the agent the capability to create electronic packages of talent that can be emailed to their clients. Agents without online photo delivery capabilities cannot compete in today's market that demands instant photo delivery. Skybolt also helps an agency organize all the resumes, sizes, and contact information for all their talent in one area. It gives the talent a place to log in and keep their information current and up to date without distracting the agency staff.
Q.Why do I have to pay for Skybolt? Shouldn't my agent pay for Skybolt?
A. Just as you had paid for your composite cards in the past so should you pay for Skybolt. Skybolt is essentially a digital version of your composite. Furthermore, the cost for administering the program would be prohibitive for the agent and would require someone from their staff to run it. You want your agency working to get you work, not administrating an internet photo delivery program.
Q.How much does Skybolt cost?
A. Skybolt is $128.00 for the first year and $108.00 for each year thereafter. You may also pay monthly at $29.00 and $9.00 per month. Family discounts may apply. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Debit cards, and checks. If you pay by check however you will need to pay annually.
Q.What else does Skybolt do for me?
A. Skybolt will provide you with an online place for you to update your resume, size and contact information. By using the Skybolt program to update this information you are freeing up valuable time for your agent and reducing their phone load. Many talent also use the program to print up resumes and headshots to use on their interviews. Your agent can log in after hours or at any location with a computer and access your information to contact you.
Q.How many pictures can I have on line?
A. Technically there is no limit to the number of photos you can have however we recommend that you not have more than 20 images.
Q.How can I update or change my pictures?
A. Log into your account. Click on the "Photos" icon. Click on "Choose File" and select the image file that you wish to upload. You may title and date the photo if you wish but it is not required. Please make sure that your photo is at least 450 pixels wide and saved upright with a .jpg or .png filename that does not contain more than 20 characters or characters such as [email protected]#$%^&*. Your agency will be notified of your new image postings for review and approval.
Q.How much does it cost to update my photo?
A. Nothing. As long as your membership is in good standing you may add or change your photos as often as you wish. Giving your agent the best pictures to work imperative and the benefit of having a program like this it that it gives you the ability to never have stale or out of date photos. For this reason we will never charge for changing your photos.
Q.How do I put a voice or video clip on and how much does that cost?
A. Log into your account and click on the "Audio Video" icon. In the same way you would select a file for a picture you may select a file to upload. For longer videos and voice clips it is recommended to post a link to it from sites like Vimeo or YouTube. Instructions are on the Audio / Video upload page.
Q.What happens if my account expires?
A. If your account expires, your agent will not be able to send out your images in packages to their clients. As a courtesy, however, we will un-expire your account at your agent's request for a limited time. We wouldn't want you to miss out on a job should you forget to bring your account current.
Q.Should I put my personal information in the program?
A. Yes. Only you and your agent can see your personal information. Many agents also use the Skybolt program as a database to make calls from so it is imperative that you keep the contact information up to date. Please enter your phone numbers in the order your agent should call to reach you during normal business hours.
Q.How do I update my resume and how many items may I enter?
A. To update your resume go the resume editor page. Select the type of item from the drop down box and type the title role and company as needed. If you use up all the entries click on update and then "edit" from your main image page. This will take you back to the resume editor with more blank entries to fill in. Please remember that all items in the resume editor are in reverse order from the finished resume. This way you may add new items and they will appear in correct order for a resume. There is no limit to the number of items you can have on your resume.
Q.I cannot log in. What is my username and password?
A. Most login problems are because the username was not entered correctly. The most common mistake is entering in the letter O instead of a zero. Click here to have your password emailed to you; it may help to copy and paste the exact values sent, rather than retyping them. If you are still having problems, feel free to call us at 818-841-6911 or use our contact form.
Q.What is your cancel and refund policy?
A. To cancel your Skybolt account please email us using the contact form. We will reply back with a confirmation that your account has been canceled and that future charges will be suspended. All your billing information will be deleted. You are only responsible for the month that you are in and we will not prorate portions of months. If you paid for the year we will refund the unused portion of your membership fee. We will not retroactively cancel your account and refund because you forgot to cancel. All Skybolt accounts when canceled are archived so if you ever need to re-activate your account your images and resume information can be restored. Please use the contact form if you need to re-activate.
Q.How do I change agents?
A. Skybolt accounts cannot be moved between agents. If you need to change agents you will need to complete a new application by using the signup form. You will be charged the $20.00 setup fee again. After you have completed your signup please use the contact form to cancel your old account. Be sure to specify the account that you wish to cancel. Please be courteous and notify your agency that you no longer need their representation.

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